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WYLD Cannabis-Infused Edibles Review


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While we opted to sample their Raspberry and New Sour Apple Sativas for a “do some shit” creative experience. They offer a variety of options for all of life’s adventures. So whether you are looking for your “it’s a little like sparklers on a summer night”, or “it’s a little like the perfect balance of wearing pajamas to work” type of effect (their words, not ours), we’re sure they’ll have something everyone will enjoy.

Honestly, what’s not to love about this THC-infused edible? One of our team favorites, they’re not too sweet or covered in sugar, and the sophisticated flavors paired with the chewy texture are so good! The packaging is small and discrete but still holds ten servings that are easy to throw in a to-go bag. These little bite-sized edibles pack a punch we can’t get enough of, and their effect is as expected. See for yourself and tell us what you think in the comments below.


The uplifting boost of Sativa terpenes present in the gummies we tried can be enjoyed during the day while engaged in creative activities. Known for its uplifting, energized effect, a Sativa can be great for physical or even group activities, cleaning the house, or getting into your creative space. Want to learn about the different effects of WYLD’s entire cannabis-infused product line? Here’s an in-depth list of all their products and formulated outcomes to help make your first selection easier. They all taste incredible, like a tiny gourmet dessert. You can’t go wrong with any flavor.

“It’s a little like sparklers on a summer night.”

WYLD Cannabis-Infused Edibles

Available in


Serving & Contents

10mg of THC per serving
0 mg of CBD per serving
100 mg of THC per container
10 gummies per container

WYLD website Screen capture
WYLD website Screencapture

Brand Impression

Simple and beautiful! There is so much to love about this brand from their clever and gorgeous packaging to their consistent brand experience we’re all WYLD for it!

Want to learn more about the variety of edibles WYLD has available? Visit their website, not only is it gorgeous interactive eye candy, they have a ton of great product knowledge and content to help educate their consumers. We love how well their brand is carried throughout everything they do. Hats off WYLD, we’re a fan!

Social and Environmental Impact

WYLD shares regular reports that detail the positive work they’re doing to impact people and our planet and we love that! Want to learn more Find their 2021 report here.

WYLD Impact Report
WYLD Impact Report Screencapture

Psst…we won’t be mad if you nominate them to offer a Danklocal subscription near you. Nominate your favorite local dispensary or brand right here, and we will share it with them!

Disclaimer. This is not medical advice and is not meant to be used as such. Please consult with a physician first before trying any cannabis products if you have concerns about your own health risks or implications as every individual’s situation may vary greatly.

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