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Arizona Quality, Eco-Friendly Flower at Affordable Prices


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Wow! We’re blown away by The Pharms flower quality for the price and think it’s more than worth a share and a small celebration for our bank account. After sampling several strains from them, we have been pleasantly surprised and satisfied by the quality and taste for the cost and felt compelled to share a brand review of their Sun Soaked Cannabis. Let’s get into it!

Not only is the flower fresh, but you can also tell it was grown and trimmed with care, something we would expect from a top-shelf flower brand but a happy little surprise to see in a cost-friendly product. We will dig into the brand in the full review, but The Pharm is 100 percent a local Arizona grower that is more than living up to its consumer and earth promises. We one thousand percent LOVE that!

“Sour Leopard –heavy on the Myrcene, gives this hybrid a bright citrus smell.”

The Pharm Sun Soaked Cannabis


A couple of flower strains we’ve tried and loved–the Pai Gow and the Sour Leopard. An all-around good smoke if you like a Sativa is the Pai Gow, it’s not too high in THC, and the overall effect gives you a little bit of an energy boost. It’s a strain you can smoke for a fast-acting relief but still be highly functioning throughout your day. It’s also an excellent strain for mood balance and stress relief. You can learn more about The Pharm’s available flower strains, the different effects, and where to find their products locally in Arizona on their website.

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The Pharm website screen capture
The Pharm website screen capture

Brand Impression

The brand aesthetic is clean and supports its climate-friendly mission. Overall we think this company provides what they promise quality weed at affordable prices! The Pharm is another brand that does a good job carrying its branding throughout everything they do, including packaging.

While the packaging is simple, it’s environmentally conscious and supports the whole brand experience. Not missing a detail, they even include a Boveda humidity pack in every bag making for a fresh stash. Now, that’s an extra mile we can appreciate!

Want to learn more about the variety of flowers and other products The Pharm has available? Visit their website –it’s easy to navigate and includes in-depth information on the strains they offer.

Social and Environmental Impact

Not only does The Pharm grow quality local green in Arizona, but they are also committed to a greener earth. Check out the incredible reforestation project they call (smoke trees, plant trees), umm, YES! Where a portion of your purchase goes to planting a tree, a Pine in the Gallatin National Forest, how amazing is that?

The Pharm reforestation screen capture
The Pharm reforestation project screen capture

The Pharm is easily one of our new favorite go-to’s if we want a quality local flower that is reliably a good smoke at cost-friendly prices and we had to share. We would also take a subscription to that! Nominate your favorite local dispensary or brand right here, and we will share it with them!

Disclaimer. This is not medical advice and is NOT meant to be used as such. If you have concerns, please consult your physician first before trying any cannabis products or if you have concerns about your health risks or any implications. Every individual’s situation can vary greatly.

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