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Meet Our team

The best real people formula for growing DankLocal seedlings. We’re seeking like-minded superstars who are passionate about our mission. Contact Us.

Brandi Javorsky


10+ years experience in roles that lend expert knowledge in eCommerce, digital strategies, and B2B software tech marketing across many industries.


Sandie Pirnie


20+ years of experience, and a deep understanding of SOPs, expense reports, and lean production techniques to improve processes.

Our Mission

DankLocal’s mission is to educate consumers on the benefits and varieties of locally available cannabis through uniquely curated subscription services offered by 3rd party partners in our marketplace.


By providing great first experiences with cannabis, and delivering a delightfully curated shopping experience. Our goal is to normalize the experience for all consumers and bring complete control over your selections to one place. We’re on a mission to provide all consumers with a new, discrete and fun alternative for discovering cannabis from local businesses and brands.


We’re bringing thoughtfully curated cannabis subscriptions to everyone!

Our Values

Core Values: Innovation, Integrity, Impact, Ambassadors


Working smarter, not harder. Our open-door policy encourages feedback at every level of the organization. It helps us think outside of the box and further our mission.


Keep it real, trustworthy, and respectful. Our team strives to be good humans in all aspects of our business endeavors. Internally and in the communities we serve.


Represents our shared values and collective effort to effect positive, innovative change and deliver excellence for our customers, employees, partners, and communities


Proud to be problem solvers and educators in our industry. We cherish the people we work alongside– coworkers, partners, people – we enjoy helping others succeed.

Community Business Model


A marketplace model that supports digital presence, pre-launch opportunities, building early-stage partnerships, brand recognition, and customer loyalty– with no upfront risk.


A platform model that brings features to improve inventory and revenue projections, makes sampling new products less risky. Provides an outlet for customer loyalty and promotion– with no upfront risk


A community that brings partners together across all areas of the industry, we strive to be a model that spreads the wealth of partnership and impact around– through thoughtful outreach and great friends!

Community Impact

A marketplace model that supports normalization and understanding for average consumers. We provide the opportunity to test and sample new products and brands. We aim to give back through education, curated experiences, and fun!

Our Story

Following the first frustrating interaction with a budtender asking, “what do you want” we went home and did a google search– “dank local cannabis subscriptions” to be exact. Hoping it would be an easier way to sample different varieties of cannabis products and discover what worked best.

The search result returned nothing, and after thinking through the limitations around a subscription service, it became clear why that service was not widely available.


But what if it could be?


Feeling gravitated to the market by our background, to solve the problem, having know-how with our career experience, and interests, we went all in.

It was from here the unique model behind DankLocal’s subscription marketplace bloomed.

Dank Local: Subscription Website

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